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  • 3 hours
  • Free

Service Description

It will provide you with the tools to: - have a clearer perception of what is happening during the cycle - recognize patterns related to the menstrual cycle and know how to work with them - use this knowledge to understand your individual rhythm and how it relates to your workflow - bring awareness of cycle syncing in relations to your colleagues - become more efficient and balanced - find out what opportunities and risks this natural cyclic process brings - find out how MCN can be taken into account in the work environment on personal level and in organisational culture The workshop is divided into two online modules. Each module is 90 min long, informative and interactive. MODULE 1 1.1 GET TO KNOW BIOCHEMISTRY OF MENSTRUAL CYCLE 1.2 CYCLE SYNCING MODULE 2 2.1 CIRCADIAN & INFRADIAN RHYTHM 2.2 INFRADIAN RHYTHM IN WORKING CULTURE

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