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My name is Nadja Tobias and I'm advocating for menstrual knowledge.

Education leads to emancipation, therefore I teach.

A literature teacher by profession, I moved to Berlin in 2010 and discovered that the menstrual pain I had been experiencing since my first period was caused by endometriosis. It took me some time to come to grips with this realization, but I began the process of healing and educating myself. Despite the fact that the cause of endometriosis is still not clear in modern medicine, I found that learning about the menstrual cycle and taking ownership of this knowledge helped me with my own healing, and gave me the courage and strength to continue.

In pursuit of my passion, I completed a 500-hour Zen Yoga Teacher Training and became a guest teacher. My focus during these training sessions was on the menstrual cycle. Building on this foundation, I joined the Flow Collective and learned from amazing mentor Maisie Hill, the author of "Period Power" and "Perimenopause Power." Inspired by her work and the work of many others, I began designing workshops that empower people through menstrual cycle education and give them the opportunity to better understand their bodies and their nature.

Through this understanding, I hope to create a space where everyone can discover the magic of living a life that aligns with their cyclic nature. My hope is to use this awareness to connect with people and communities that nourish this knowledge and make it available, free of taboos and restrictions. Sharing this information with new generations of all genders is a crucial and precious step that I am happily taking.

I'm sharing here with you some authors and their work that inspired me, perhaps you find it useful:

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom - Christiane Northrup

Period Power/ Perimenopause Power- Maisie Hill

Woman Code/ In the Flo - Alisa Vitti

All about Love - bell hooks

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

Women who run with the Wolfes - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The poetry of Emily Dickinson

Home Body - Rupi Kaur

The Years - Annie Ernaux

Fruit of knowledge - Liv Strömquist

Letters to a young poet - Rainer Maria Rilke 

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